The Best Boat Hull Cleaner

Clean Your Boat Hull In Under 15 Minutes!

TIP: NO NEED FOR A DOCK! You can use the boat hull brush while standing in your boat.

Great for Powerboats, Yachts, Pontoons, Dinghy's, Trawler's, Cabin Cruiser's and more!

Cost & Time Effective Boat Hull Cleaning

The Loch Pro™ brush system is a yacht hull cleaning brush designed to clean a boat hull without having to get in the water! The ECO friendly Loch Pro™ will help maintain a clean hull to improve performance and gas mileage.

We know the frustation of keeping a hull clean in a freshwater marina slip. Using the Loch Pro™ boat hull cleaning tool, you can clean your boat in minutes while standing on the deck!

And just in case you drop it, don't worry! It floats!

No More Hull Cleaning Divers

The industry trend was to hire hull cleaning divers to scrub the bottom of your boat. Our boat hull cleaning brush removes this costly expense.

Keep Your Boat In Water

Many boat owners feel as though they need to remove their boat from the water in order to clean it. Our hull cleaning brush allows you to clean your boat in water.

Bacteria, Mildew and Mold Free

The Loch Pro™ Multi-Brush Cleaning System is made from using TUCEL fused brushware. Tucel's fused filament eliminates "pathogenic pockets" whereby no bacteria, mildew or mold can be absorbed into the brush block.

Underwater Hull Cleaning Tool

The Loch Pro underwater hull cleaning brush is the most cost effective boat hull cleaner on the market. Stay dry on the dock while our brush cleans your boat under water.


The boat has been in the water for 31/2 years with anti-fouling paint on the bottom. I think that Loch Pro is a great product.

Gus B.

Boat Owner
Received the brush system. Thank you very much. Worked like a charm. Few friends are already interested.

Neal C.

Boat Owner

Clean Your Boat Hull In Under 15 Minutes!

Enjoy your weekend and don't waste your time cleaning your boat's hull.
Our boat hull cleaning brush saves you time and money! Get yours today!

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