Boat Hull Cleaning Brush

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 Boat Hull Cleaning Brush Description

Maintaining a clean boat hull has never been easier. Watch the video to see our boat hull cleaning brush works:

Our boat hull cleaning brush is an underwater hull cleaner that allows you to stay dry while cleaning the hull of your boat. This is by far the best boat cleaner to allow you to clean your boat hull in the water. No swimming or diver required!

You don’t have to pull your boat out of the water in order to clean it or pay an expensive diver to clean it at the marina.

Boat Hull Cleaning System

Boat Hull Brush Specifications

The Loch Pro brush system comes in three different sizes for all boat types:

  • 9 Brush System – 93″ combined brush surface, plus 6′ rope handles. For use with boats with up to a 23 foot hull.
  • 11 Brush System – 114″ combined brush surface, plus 6′ rope handles. For use with boats with up to a 26 foot hull.
  • 13 Brush System – 135″ combined brush surface, plus 6′ rope handles. For use with boats over a 29 foot hull.

How Is The Boat Hull Brush Made?

Boat Hull Cleaning Brush


The Loch Pro™ Multi-Brush Cleaning System is made from using TUCEL fused brushware. Tucel’s fused filament eliminates “pathogenic pockets” whereby no bacteria, mildew or mold can be absorbed into the brush block. The brushes are strung together using a strong rope used for maritime applications.

Boat Hull cleaning brush

We have a few standard sizes, however we know that hulls come in all sizes.

Our boat hull brush is a great way to clean fiberglass boat hulls. As there are many different types of boat hulls, our custom brush is adaptable to clean the most common types of boat hulls. From your flat bottom hull, deep vee hull, round bottom hull and multi-hull (or pontoon).

Custom sizes are available, please contact us for more information and a quote. All brush systems are made to order.

5 reviews for Boat Hull Cleaning Brush

  1. Neal Corll

    Rcv’d brush system. Thank you very much. Worked like a charm. Few friends are already interested.

  2. GUS B

    The boat has been in the water for 31/2 years with anti-fouling paint on the bottom. I think that Loch Pro is a great product.

  3. Kane B

    What a great and simple Idea! I use the 9 brush on my boat by myself. No more jumping in the water for me. Thanks Jo!

  4. Arthur Seay

    Great product!! I run my boat in shallow water and usually my hull gets pretty dirty. Now i can clean off the bottom before i put it back on the trailer. Easy to use on a bass boat. I do it by myself.

  5. Neven Krstulovic-Opara

    Great product. I have a small Beneteau First 235 sailboat in a lake I really do not want to dive in to clean the hull. This is a phenomenal product particularly if you like racing and need to clean the bottom more than once a year when you redo the bottom anti-fouling paint. Would highly recommend it to sailboat owners!!

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